My National League Line-Up Card for the All-Star game and who I would start as the National League Starting Pitcher!


National League:

Starting Pitcher: Roy Halladay- Philadelphia Phillies

  1. Rickie Weeks- (2nd Baseman) Milwaukee Brewers, Right-Handed
  2. Matt Kemp- (Center-Fielder) Los Angeles Dodgers, Left-Handed
  3. Troy Tulowitzki- (Short-Stop) Colorado Rockies, Right-Handed, Replacing Jose Reyes, New York Mets
  4. Prince Fielder- (1st Baseman) Milwaukee Brewers, Left-Handed
  5. Matt Holliday- (Left-Fielder) St. Louis Cardinals, Right-Handed
  6. Brian McCann- (Catcher) Atlanta Braves, Left-Handed
  7. Lance Berkman- (Right-Fielder) St. Louis Cardinals, Switch-Hitter
  8. Scott Rolen- (3rd Baseman) Cincinnati Reds, Right-Handed, Replacing Placido Polanco, Philadelphia Phillies
  9. Carlos Beltran- (Designated Hitter) New York Mets, Switch-Hitter, Replacing Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers
I know this is not the line-up, but this is the way I would have it.
Written By:
Eric Jacinto

Week 15 Power Rankings, week of July 4th – July 10th, 2011!

(Week 15 Power-Rankings):

July 4th-July 10th, 2011:

1. Philadelphia Phillies- (1)
2. Boston Red Sox- (3)
3. New York Yankees- (2)
4. Atlanta Braves- (4)
5. Texas Rangers- (10)
6. San Francisco Giants- (7)
7. Los Angeles Angels- (11)
8. St. Louis Cardinals- (5)
9. Milwaukee Brewers- (8)
10. Tampa Bay Rays- (6)
11. Detroit Tigers-  (10)
12. Cleveland Indians- (13)
13. Arizona Diamondbacks- (14)
14. Pittsburgh Pirates- (16)
15. Chicago White Sox- (15)
16. Cincinnati Reds- (12)
17. Toronto Blue Jays- (19)
18. Seattle Mariners- (17)
19. Colorado Rockies- (18)
20. Washington Nationals- (20)
21. New York Mets- (21)
22. Minnesota Twins- (22)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers- (26)
24. Oakland Athletics- (24)
25. Florida Marlins- (27)
26. Baltimore Orioles- (23)
27. Chicago Cubs- (28)
28. San Diego Padres- (25)
29. Kansas City Royals- (29)
30. Houston Astros- (30)


(Last Weeks Ranking)

Written By:
Eric Jacinto

My American League Line-Up Card for the All-Star game and who I would start as the American League Starting Pitcher!

American League:

Starting Pitcher: Josh Beckett – Boston Red Sox

  1. Asdrubal Cabrera- (Short-Stop) Cleveland Indians, Switch-Hitter  Replacing Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
  2. Curtis Granderson (Center-Fielder) New York Yankees, Left-Handed
  3. Adrian Gonzalez (1st Baseman) Boston Red Sox, Left-Handed
  4. Jose Bautista (Right-Fielder) Toronto Blue Jays, Right-Handed
  5. Robinson Cano (2nd Baseman) New York Yankees, Left-Handed
  6. Josh Hamiton (Left-Fielder) Texas Rangers, Left-Handed
  7. David Ortiz (Designated Hitter) Boston Red Sox, Left-Handed
  8. Adrian Beltre (3rd Baseman) Texas Rangers, Right-Handed Replacing Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees
  9. Alex Avila (Catcher) Detroit Tigers, Left-Handed
National League Line-Up and Starting Pitcher on Tuesday before the game
Written By:
Eric Jacinto

2011 All-Star Reserves and Pitchers!



American League Reserves and Pitchers:


  • Russell Martin- Catcher (New York Yankees)
  • Matt Wieters- Catcher (Baltimore Orioles)
  • Miguel Cabrera- 1st Baseman (Detroit Tigers)
  • Howard Kendrick- 2nd Baseman (Los Angeles Angels)
  • Adrian Beltre- 3rd Baseman (Texas Rangers)
  • Asdrubal Cabrera- Short-Stop (Cleveland Indians)
  • Michael Cuddyer- Out-Fielder (Minnesota Twins)
  • Jacoby Ellsbury- Out-Fielder (Boston Red Sox)
  • Matt Joyce- Out-Fielder (Tampa Bay Rays)
  • Carlos Quentin- Out-Fielder (Chicago White Sox)
  • Michael Young- Designated Hitter (Texas Rangers)
  • Josh Beckett- STARTING PITCHER (Boston Red Sox)
  • Aaron Crow- Relief Pitcher (Kansas City Royals)
  • Gio Gonzalez- STARTING PITCHER (Oakland Athletics)
  • Felix Hernandez- STARTING PITCHER (Seattle Mariners)
  • Brandon League- Relief Pitcher (Seattle Mariners)
  • Chris Perez- Relief Pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
  • David Price- STARTING PITCHER (Tampa Bay Rays)
  • Mariano Rivera- Relief Pitcher (New York Yankees)
  • James Shields- STARTING PITCHER(Tampa Bay Rays)
  • Jose Valverde- Relief Pitcher (Detroit Tigers)
  • Justin Verlander- STARTING PITCHER (Detroit Tigers)
  • Jered Weaver- STARTING PITCHER (Los Angeles Angels)
  • C.J. Wilson- STARTING PITCHER  (Texas Rangers)
National League Reserves and Pitchers:
  • Yadier Molina- Catcher (St. Louis Cardinals)
  • Gaby Sanchez- 1st Baseman (Florida Marlins)
  • Joey Votto- 1st Baseman (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Brandon Phillips- 2nd Baseman (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Chipper Jones- 3rd Baseman (Atlanta Braves)
  • Starlin Castro- Short-Stop (Chicago Cubs)
  • Troy Tulowitzki- Short-Stop (Colorado Rockies)
  • Carlos Beltran- Out-Fielder (New York Mets)
  • Jay Bruce- Out-Fielder (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Matt Holliday Out-Fielder (St. Louis Cardinals)
  • Hunter Pence- Out-Fielder (Houston Astros)
  • Justin Upton- Out-Fielder (Arizona Diamondbacks)
  • Heath Bell- Relief Pitcher (San Diego Padres)s
  • Matt Cain- STARTING PITCHER (San Francisco Giants)
  • Tyler Clippard- Relief Pitcher (Washington Nationals)
  • Roy Halladay- STARTING PITCHER (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Cole Hamels- STARTING PITCHER (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Joel Hanrahan- Relief Pitcher (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • Jair Jurrjens- STARTING PITCHER (Atlanta Braves)
  • Clayton Kershaw- STARTING PITCHER (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • Cliff Lee- STARTING PITCHER (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Tim Lincecum- STARTING PITCHER (San Francisco Giants)
  • Jonny Venters- Relief Pitcher (Atlanta Braves)
  • Ryan Vogelsong- STARTING PITCHER (San Francisco Giants)
  • Brian Wilson- Relief Pitcher (San Francisco Giants)
Okay how is it that Ryan Vogelsong gets into the all-star game and he didn’t even make the team from Spring Training and Ryan Madson of the Philadelphia Phillies doesn’t make the team. Ryan Madson before he got injured by the way he’s coming off the DL soon, he’ stats 15/16 saves with an ERA of 2.03. And it doesn’t even after to be Ryan that made the team the fact that Ryan Vogelsong made the team over other pitchers who probably have better numbers just blows my mind. I know why it’s because Bruce Bochy is the manager and he wanted to have one more pitchers on his team then the Phillies who have three starters and the Giants due too. Okay if not Ryan how bout Tommy Hanson of the Atlanta Braves, he’s stats 10-4 with an ERA of 2.52. Am sorry, but I just don’t understand that.
Written By:
Eric Jacinto

2011 All-Star Teams Announced, and My thoughts on the teams! (Starters/Positions)

American League Team:

(Starters, Positions players)

Catcher: Alex Avila- Detroit Tigers

1st Baseman: Adrian Gonzalez- Boston Red Sox

2nd Baseman: Robinson Cano- New York Yankees

Short-Stop: Derek Jeter- New York Yankees

3rd Baseman: Alex Rodriguez- New York Yankees

Out-Fielder: Jose Bautista- Toronto Blue Jays (Right-Fielder)

Out-Fielder: Curtis Granderson- New York Yankees (Center-Fielder)

Out-Fielder: Josh Hamilton- Texas Rangers (Left-Fielder)

Designated Hitter (DH): David Ortiz- Boston Red Sox

National League Team:

(Starters, Positions players)

Catcher: Brian McCann- Atlanta Braves

1st Baseman: Prince Fielder- Milwaukee Brewers

2nd Baseman: Rickie Weeks- Milwaukee Brewers

Short-Stop: Jose Reyes- New York Mets

3rd Baseman: Placido Polanco- Philadelphia Phillies

Out-Fielder: Lance Berkman- St. Louis Cardinals (Right-Fielder)

Out-Fielder: Matt Kemp- Los Angeles Dodgers (Center-Fielder)

Out-Fielder: Ryan Braun- Milwaukee Brewers (Left-Fielder)

My thoughts is that nothing against Derek Jeter and I know it’s voted by the fans, but c mon he being a starter is a joke to me he’s not having a great season, he’s been injured the last month or too, so why is he a started and not Asdrubal Cabrera from the Cleveland Indians, who is a much better year, and carrying the Indians this season. Other-wise I think the fans got this right, it’s two good solid teams should be a great game hopefully.

Tuesday I will post the pitchers and the back-ups! And Who I want to see be the starters (Pitchers) and the way I would set up each line-up!


Eric Jacinto

Another Masterpiece performance by Cliff Lee!

Cliff Lee looked like the best left-handed pitcher, even the best pitcher in the game tonight pitching his third straight complete game shutout against the best offense in baseball the Boston Red Sox winning 5-0. He has pitched great this month improving his record to 9-5 on the season and 5-0 this month; giving up only one earned run this month. Lee going into June wasn’t pitching all that great he was 4-5, but after this month, he is truly pitching like the pitcher that won the AL Cy Young award back in 2008 for the Cleveland Indians. Now in less then two weeks time is the 2011 All-Star game in Phoenix, Arizona the question will be, will the Philadelphia Phillies be sending three starting pitchers to the All-Star game? I think they will and should be after the month Cliff had there’s no question in my mind he should be in the All-Star game along side his “Big Five’ pitching buddies Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels to pitch for the National League. Yeah I still call them the BIG Five even though two of them (Roy Oswalt and Joe Blanton) are out a least until mid August at best, maybe earlier. But I am going to put my money on that both Roy and Joe will re-join and be 100% healthy the Big Five by the start of September hopefully cross-fingers Phillies Fans!

Cliff Lee is 4th in the Majors in strikeouts (119), 4th in innings pitched (122.0) and tied for 6th in wins (9) that’s All-Star numbers in my mind. Anyone tell me please who else should be in the All-Star game besides Cliff Lee, I can’t think of anybody that is pitching better than him, a matter of fact I can’t think of one that is pitching better than Halladay, Lee and Hamels. All three should be in the All-Star game, no ifs ands or buts, not even a question if all three don’t make it I will boycott the game LOL! Just joking, but I will be one pi$$ed off fan!!



Eric Jacinto

Week 12 Power Rankings for the week of June 13th- June 19th, 2011!

(Week 12 Power-Rankings)

June 13th-June 19th,2011:

1. Boston Red Sox

2. Philadelphia Phillies

3. New York Yankees

4. Texas Rangers

5. Milwaukee Brewers

6. St. Louis Cardinals

7. Atlanta Braves

8. Detroit Tigers

9. Tampa Bay Rays

10. San Francisco Giants

11. Arizona Diamondbacks

12. Seattle Mariners

13. Cincinnati Reds

14. Cleveland Indians

15. Chicago White Sox

16. Colorado Rockies

17. Toronto Blue Jays

18. Los Angeles Angels

19. Minnesota Twins

20. New York Mets

21. Washington Nationals

22. Los Angels Dodgers

23. Pittsburgh Pirates

24. Oakland Athletics

25.. Baltimore Orioles

26. Kansas City Royals

27. Chicago Cubs

28. Houston Astros

29. San Diego Padres

30. Florida Marlins

I could of done the last/bottom three in any order the reason why I have the Padres at number 29 is because they are 1-9 in the last ten games and have lost six in row. Houston only lost two in row, but 3-7 in the last ten games. Yeah how things change just a few weeks ago, I believe a month ago I had the Marlins in my top 15 a least if not top 10, noaw there in my bottom three how sad is that and have a new/old manager. The Marlins are the worst team in baseball right now one win this month (June) only one that’s bad I mean real bad they don’t get no fan support to start with this makes it worst. And there opening new stadium next season.

Written By:

Eric Jacinto